About US

For more than 25 years Micky Magic has been an experienced Family Entertainer and Master Magician. 
Micky (Mike Gomez) has entertained hundreds of thousands of children and adults through his School Assembly shows, Senior Center shows, daily performances at public and private events. 


Mike Gomez (Micky) has been a single parent of two teen-age boys, now in College. “They always brought home Honor Roll Certificates, Perfect Attendance awards, or plaques for their many achievements, I always felt so honored. My children are everything to me. 


Whether it’s a never-ending string of paper being pulled from his mouth by a stunned participant (typical in his “Save the Earth” program or taking a moment to address other serious topics (such as Anti-Smoking), for the last many years, Micky Magic has successfully commanded the attention of any room. 


Mike Gomez has been a member of Society of American Magicians and has been president of the International Brotherhood of Magicians (IBM Ring #113).                                                            


He is a Smoking Cessation Counselor (certified by the American Cancer Society) and a Motivational Speaker.  


Micky’s educational presentations show kids and adults how to live healthy lifestyles free from drugs and alcohol, and being kind to our planet, all while entertaining his audience. 


He is a certified vendor for the NYC Board of Education, Union City Board of Education, Jersey City Board of Education and several other school districts. In the past, he has been contracted by the Newark, NJ Board of Education to present his educational program “The Magic in You” at 28 schools. 


A serious parent, artist and talented performer, Micky Magic or Michael Magic (when performing for adults) is someone you can count on when quality entertainment is paramount for your family and guests. 


Also, an incredibly knowledgeable Lecturer on the problems of plastic waste and the problems facing our planet with global warming.